Turkey boasts with many historical, archaeological and architectural monuments, as for natural wonders, most of the beauty of the country is concentrated in Turkey's Black Sea.

Here we cover the Tourism in Black Sea in Turkey with the complete guide from green hills, lush valleys, glacial lakes and impressive architecture.

Places to visit in the Black Sea coast in Turkey

1. Uzungöl

uzungol Lake

Uzungol is a popular tourist destination for thousands of local and foreign tourists due to its amazing beauty, it includes a shiny lake amid lush green forests, and it has a cooler climate thanks to its high location in the Kakkar Mountains.

The plateau appears more exciting when shrouded in fog, as it gives off mysterious feelings in the soul. Perhaps the most amazing activities of the Uzungol Plateau are camping, trekking and fishing. The trout in Uzungol is one of the most beautiful foods that you can eat in this beautiful region which is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the tourism in the Black Sea in Turkey.

2. Trabzon in the black sea


Trabzon has a rich history dating back to the century 1000 BC, it was established as a commercial center by the Greeks, and its markets to this day are still witness to this, in addition to the wonderful tourist treasures this city usually has been keen on discovering by both locals and tourists. Including the Aya Sofia Museum, that beautiful, beautifully decorated building dating back to the 13th century, as well as the Gulbahar Hatton Mosque, which is often said to be the most beautiful mosque in the city; And Soumela Monastery, an amazing monastery that visitors seem to float in the heavens.

3. Soumela Monastery


There is no monastery like Soumela in other places that can be seen seen from afar, and it seems at first glance to float in the sky, as it is located at an altitude of 1200 meters on the slopes of Maka in Trabzon, and it is puzzling how people were able to build the monastery at this high altitude in an era lacking technology.

The monastery is now open to the public as a museum, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Trabzon and one of the most beatiful side of tourism in the black sea in Turkey, and it features wonderful murals.

4. Rize


While most of Turkey is surrounded by snow, rock formations and other archaeological wonders, Rize is a county covered in green throughout the year, and it is fertile land with a pleasant climate that allows fruit trees to abound in the region, while most fruits are cultivated in Reese, the main product In the province is tea, so much so that it has become a symbol of it.

And along the road to Reese, you can inhale the fragrant tea scent due to the myriad of tea plantations in the area, and perhaps one of the best places to see the lush beauty of Reese lies in the Zirat Garden, so don't miss out on it.

5. karaca cave in the black sea

karaca cave

Karaka Cave is constantly voted as one of the most beautiful caves in the world, and it has been open to tourists since the mid-1990s, and the surrounding areas of the cave were formed by volcanic deposits, carbonate minerals and volcanic rocks in a wonderful sight that usually attracts tourists to the black sea.

6. Firtina Valley

Firtina Valley

One of the ideal tourist destinations for nature lovers, the Firtina Valley enjoys the wonderful greenery and scenic landscapes that are usually a source of attraction for tourists.

Local and foreign tourists of black sea in Turkey head to the Firtina Valley to practice various water sports, especially in the spring when everything here is alive. The amazing beauty of Fertina Valley has contributed to putting it on the list of global wildlife protected sites.

7. Tourism in the black sea in Artvin


There are no official records on the history of Artvin and is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast in Turkey, but the artifacts that have been discovered confirm that the region has early civilizations, including the Bronze Age, and a visit to Artvin will give you a wonderful opportunity to learn about the magnificence of the towering mountains The valleys protecting the Kuro River, stunning lakes, forests, and more

Hiking and trekking are popular activities for tourists, as the Kakar Mountains are one of the favorite spots there, as well as the Makahel Valley and Jinsian Hills, and Artvin owns its share of architectural wonders including mosques, and traditional Ottoman houses.

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