Tourism in Turkey is characterized by multiple and diverse, as it includes a large group of popular tourist attractions, which suit the tastes of tourists, from exciting adventures, tourist medical resorts, recreational parks, and sacred religious places, it is truly a magnificent tourism in Turkey that enables you to spend a special holiday, to restore your activity in it.

Medical and mineral tourism in Turkey

Hot spas are considered one of the most important tourist attractions for tourism Turkey in general, as the waters of these spas help in treating many diseases, and their temperature ranges between 20 and 110 degrees Celsius. The Secretary General of the Torcab Association concerned with the mineral water treatment centers in Turkey, Mr. Elsinjakoğlu said: Turkey has about 1,100 springs, 264 resorts and 500 water points.

These figures make Turkey a health center for spiritual and psychological treatment, and a recreational tourist center at the same time beside being on of the best mediacl tourism center in the world.

The most famous of these springs are: the Sandkly springs in Afyon Karahsar, and the Armutlu resort in Yalova.

You can get more information here about medical tourism in Turkey.

Cave Tourism and Adventures in Turkey

Karain Cave

Visiting natural caves is one of the distinctive and important types for tourism in Turkey, and these caves were dug deep meters under the surface of the earth, inhabited by people thousands of years ago, and still preserves the effects of the people who lived there until now.

Cave tourism is a popular tourism that visitors from all walks of life visit, such as the Cave of Dupnisa in the state of Kirklarali, the Cave of Kargah in the state of Trabzon, the Cave of Garain in the state of Antalya, and many others.

Tourizm in Antalya for example will give  series of caves and not a single cave, it is one of the most beautiful places in Antalya recommended to visit when traveling for tourizm in Antalya, where the scenic mountainous nature guaranteed by the location of the caves on the foothills of the Dossemalt mountains, with a look at the wonderful human fossils of the Stone Age man, most of which are available in the Museum The small site, some of which are in the National Archaeological Museum.

Mountaineering tourism in Turkey

According to the geological and geographical nature enjoyed by Turkey, we see many tall mountains and highlands that give a distinctive color to tourism in Turkey, and tourists can also practice mountaineering in an exciting and magical way, and given the nature of these mountains multiple natural features suitable for climbing, he wishes Many tourists who come to Turkey for adventures that include excitement and fun in their trips.

Among the most famous mountains that can be climbed through: Uludag Mountain in Bursa, and the Elges Mountains in Kastamonu.

Religious tourism

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

From a religious point of view, Turkey is considered one of the richest countries that contain sacred and distinctive religious landmarks and places, and besides that there are also many remnants of the various civilizations that flocked to Turkey since ancient times, such as the Greek, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations, which in turn left many tourist places. Religious prestige, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, the House of Mary in Izmir, and the temple of Nikolos in the state of Antalya.

An example for this type of tourism is of course Sultan Ahmed Mosque,

It is the largest mosque built in the Ottoman style since the early 17th century, and it is the most famous tourizm attraction in Istanbul as well, though it is well-known among the locals and perhaps tourists also as the "Blue Mosque" due to its soft blue tiles covering its vast areas reaching tens of thousands of Meters.

Recreational tourism

Kaputaş Beach

There are various places of entertainment and tourism in Turkey, where there are water games cities, a city of entertainment games and modern museums, including: Previously, Istanbul Vialand which includes a huge collection of entertaining games, suitable for all ages, in addition to the aquarium, which gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy watching fish shows And dolphins through the waterways of the marine basin.

Not to mention the all beatifull beaches in north and west of Turkey in Bodrum, Istanbul, Antalya, Marmaris and so on.

Below you can find all acitivities belong to:

Tourism in Antalya

Tourism in Bodrum

Winter tourism in Turkey

There are many tourists who love tourism in Turkey during the winter in particular, they come for skiing, and dear tourists, you can imagine the magical beauty of winter in Turkey, as you see frozen lakes, and mountains covered with beautiful snow.

Really, Turkey is a very beautiful winter tourist destination, and the mountains of Kartepe located in Sapanca represent a stunning form of tourism in Turkey, where it is covered with snow and a ski center, and it is also possible to rent ski clothes, and practice this beautiful sport.

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