Uzungöl in Trabzon is one of the most important landmarks of north Turkey on the Black Sea, which is a lake surrounded by green mountains.
The area is characterized by the spread of restaurants overlooking the lake, attracting visitors to it, and near it are the Sultan Murad Heights, and a number of natural resorts, where it is considered a cold area that is loved by every fugitive from the heat of heat.

uzungol lake in trabzon

What makes Uzungöl in Trabzon incredible

The tourists enjoy the beauty of the picturesque green nature surrounding the Uzungöl lake, and various tourism activities, such as water biking, skydiving from the highlands, and walking in the arms of nature.

These all things together attract tourists from all over the world, especially those from Arab countries.

The Lake Uzungöl is located in the east of Trabzon, which overlooks the Black Sea, in northeastern Turkey, and this lake is located 100 km from Trabzon, in the heart of the mountains, and this lake follows the Chai Kara region.

Over the years, Uzungöl has become a magnet for tourists throughout the year in various seasons, especially for visitors to Trabzon. Uzungöl lake in north turkey is most famous for its natural beauty, located in a steep valley, between the high mountains heights.

Next to the lake is a small village, which is distinguished by its village wood houses, where Uzungöl Lake is located in Chai Kara district, the name of the lake is the name of a small village located near it, and the village overlooks the lake, surrounded by mountain forests and fog, and fog sometimes covers the lake at night and at the beginning of the morning In addition, restaurants, hotels, and souvenirs shops are available in the village, as the tourism and travel infrastructure has improved greatly for the village.

Tourism in the this has brought in many investors in recent years, who have created many hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops in the village near the lake, and the local authorities created a barrier along the lake in 2008, so that the lake waves do not hinder the surrounding coastal road.

When the temperature is 30 degrees in the city center, the Uzungöl in trabzon lake is about 20 degrees or less, and in the winter the lake freezes, which enables visitors to then walk on the lake and ski on it.

Work is also underway in Uzungöl on a cable car project that enables tourists and visitors to reach mountain peaks and to ski in heavy snow.

There are a number of activities that take place in Uzungöl Lake, which attracts many tourists, such as climbing mountains adjacent to the lake, and taking tours in parks and natural forests, in addition to camping in the mountains, and observing different birds and birds.

It is also possible to take a tour of the Sultan Murad Plateau, which is a plateau raised above the sea surface, famous for its moderate and beautiful atmosphere, this area was named by this name, in honor of Sultan Murad who passed from this region, and he prayed Friday prayers with his soldiers in one of his forays against the Persians, and is found in This area is a historical cemetery for the martyrs.

In the lake you can also eat fresh fish, as you tour the fish lake, which is a lake located on the mountainous heights, and the weather is moderate as well, and away from Uzungöl about 20 km. 

It is also possible to take a tour of Chakkar Su Yaylasi (Şeker Su Yaylası), an area that rises above 1,100 meters above sea level, and a flowing water table passes from the region, and the water temperature is very low, as the temperature is zero, sometimes below zero.

It is also possible when arriving at Uzungöl Lake, which is a daily trip from Trabzon north Turkey, to the very beautiful waterfalls, and to reach the old figurative stone bridge, which many visitors stand to take souvenir pictures, for the beauty of its view, and its charming natural view.


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