Turkey is often crowded with tourists during the summer season, but what about the winter season? where to go and what activities to do during this season?

Contrary to the belief of many, tourism in Turkey is not only limited to the summer season, but the winter season is also one of the best seasons of the year to visit Turkey, where you can enjoy the experience of skiing and other different winter sports, and you will also have the opportunity to explore the authentic local life In Turkey and residence in its luxurious hotels and resorts at competitive and discounted prices due to the low number of tourists visiting Turkey compared to the summer season.

Many prefer tourism in Turkey in the summer, as the wonderful atmosphere, beautiful parks and charming beaches. Some people may think that traveling toin Turkey is limited to the summer only, but we would like to assure you that tourism in the winter has charm and pleasure of a very special kind. There are a group of winter tourism activities and tourist areas in Turkey that you can visit and enjoy in the winter.

For a great tourist holiday in Turkey in the winter season .... Here is a group of the best winter tourist destinations in Turkey:

Ağva Town

turkey agva winter

Ağva is a beautiful Turkish town located near the north of Istanbul and is bordered by two rivers, the Goksu river and the river “ Yesil Cay "which flow into the Black Sea, and this town is famous for its beautiful natural landmarks and includes the waterfalls as described as a quiet coastal destination and ideal for new couples looking for privacy and looking for a beautiful and quiet rural destination, when you visit the town of Ağva , and no You worry about finding a great place to stay in Ağva , as it contains many beautiful hotels.


turkey polonezkoy winter

The town of Polonezköyis located in the province of “Beykoz” in Istanbul and is about 20 km from the Black Sea coast, and about 15 km from the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and it was Polinskoi in the past was a simple farming village, but it turned into a popular holiday destination after it became full of tourist hotels, cafes and parks.

Istanbul Kartepe

Kartepe is located on top of a mountain with a height of 1650 meters, about an hour and a quarter from Istanbul and can be reached by internal transport buses.

turkey kartepe winter

Kartepe is a wonderful tourist resort in winter tourism in Turkey for skiing, there you will find a ski center providing ski wear rental service. You will also find many shops and a range of restaurants.

Abant Park

Located 34 km southwest of the Turkish city of Bolu, it is the home of a beautiful freshwater lake located at an altitude of 1328 meters above sea level and surrounded by scenic beauty beaches and picturesque green spaces and is famous for being an ideal destination to enjoy the beauty of nature And fishing experience.

turkey abant park winter

Abant Park is characterized by the presence of itswonderful lake and it is characterized by its charming natural beaches and has a special charm in the winter.

Kartal Kaya ski resort

turkey kartal kaya

Kartal Kaya ski resort is one of the most important and famous ski resorts and tourist destination in Turkey in winter season. It is located in the western Kara Deniz (Black Sea) region in the southeast of the city of Bolu on the mountains Koroglu, the resort is well known as a perfect tourist destination to accompany friends and family to enjoy skiing all day.

Şile Town

turkey şile winter

A small coastal town located on the coast of the Black Sea, and is located in the northeast of the Marmara region, and forests constitute 79% of the area of the town of "Şile" which is estimated at an area 755 square kilometers.

The agricultural area constitutes 10% of the town’s area. The town of Şile which is on of the famoust toursit attractions forwinter toursim  in Turkey is also home to a long coast that extends 60 km, and is also home to the Kumbaba Plateau, which is famous as an ideal destination for treatment. In addition to special natural treatment with sand and there is also a region of natural hot springs.

There are also crying rocks, which are rocks flowing from springs of natural water in the form of a crying man.

Spas and thermal baths in Yalova

Yalova is a healthy and historical destination of the first degree and is a source of attraction for many tourists from all over Turkey and the world in winter season.

It is home to many health resorts and thermal baths, in addition to the wonderful tourist hotels and art and historical museums, and therefore it is often described As an ideal destination for a healthy winter vacation, Yalova has become a popular medical tourism destination since Sultan Abdul Majid’s mother went there to receive treatment for rheumatism that she suffered from, The city of Yalova contains seven luxury hotels, many hotels and good tourist lodges. Also, it contains many honey bees.

These resorts are of great archaeological and historical importance as it can attract tourists from all over the world and it is one of the best tourist areas in Turkey in the winter, where you can spend your winter holidays there with more fun and relaxation. This city also contains 7 wonderful hotels that you can choose from to stay in and treat some of the rheumatic diseases. These resorts are among the best tourist areas in Turkey in the winter that you cannot miss.

Uludağ Mountains

turkey uludağ winter

Uludağ Mountain is one of the best ski destinations in Turkey and is located 32 km south of Bursa. You can reach Mount Uludağ using the cable car which is one of the longest of its type in the world. Uludag Mountain, also known as Mount Monk, has many facilities. Tourism and hotel units, which accommodate about 10 thousand skiers.


Tourism in Turkey, whether in summer or winter is a wonderful thing, it is a wonderful country and a distinctive tourist destination intended by tourists from all parts of the earth, and if your vacation in Turkey in the winter, here in this report we presented some of the best tourist areas in Turkey in the winter.

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