10 things you should know before arrival to Turkey

We can say that traveling to Turkey has changed dramatically in the past ten years, as this tourist country par excellence is no longer a cheap destination as it was before, and this news may be unpleasant for travelers forced on a specific budget, especially when comparing travel prices in Turkey with Other countries, and to overcome this fact, we have chosen to provide you with a set of tips that make traveling to Turkey at a lower cost possible.

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Turkey's beauty, nature and tourist attractions will not be difficult for you to discover no matter how low your budget is, but with prior knowledge and knowledge of smart and practical methods that will help you to do so, below you will find 10 of these tips that will open the door for you to visit this country without paying attention and caution to your portfolio of criticism.

Public transportation in Turkey

Public transportation in Istanbul is safe and effective, to really take advantage of public transportation in Istanbul, buy Akbil or Istanbul, which offers important discounts on buses, trams and transport ferries. You can buy these cards at kiosks or vending machines at many public transport stops.

Another useful way to save money on transportation and explore the tourist situation is to take one of the Bosphorus ferries, this is how the locals travel and you will get a charming view of the area and the opportunities to take beautiful pictures on a cruise without being charged or paid a high price.

Save money on food

Istanbul is famous for its delicious street food, which is extremely popular, and if you want travel to Turkey and enjoy delicious meals at an inexpensive cost, you will have food carts that will provide you with a quick meal at a lower cost and will be an ideal alternative to those restaurants that boil over the price of their meals.

Save money on transportation

Many people expect gasoline prices in Turkey to be low, but it is one of the highest in the world! For this reason, avoid renting a car but if it is your choice you should at least choose the diesel car.

Traveling to Turkey would be fun without wasting a lot of money thanks to good deals on domestic flights but generally the national bus system is cheaper. Anyone who has used buses for intercity travel in Turkey will experience quality of service including televisions, tea, coffee, cakes, and comfortable seats. Aside from long flight times, there are no disadvantages to using the bus system in Turkey.

Currency exchange

Do not exchange the currency at the airports or in your country because you will get a decrease in money. Instead, exchange the currency in Turkey, especially that most shops will not take a commission from you.

Some free things to see and enjoy it

Traveling to Turkey gives you many chances to enjoy doing free things and visit al lot of landmarks and attractions without paying any cent. 

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  • Watch the sunset from the Galata Bridge.
  • Look at the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar.
  • You can visit beautiful mosques such as the Blue Mosque, the Sulaymaniyah Mosque and the Rustem Pasha Mosque.
  • Take a walk in Gulhane Park in Sultanahmet or Yildiz Park in Besiktas.
  • On Thursday, when there is free admission, visit the Modern Istanbul Museum in Tofan.
  • Walk from Taksim Square to Sultanahmet and enjoy the sights along the way.
  • Walking by the Bosphorus from the village of Ortakoy to Rumeli Castle, you will pass through interesting neighborhoods such as Kurosim, Arnavutköy and Bebek. The walk will take about an hour, and there will be plenty of cafes along the way to rest your feet.

Cheap souvenirs

If you have many friends and need to buy some souvenirs, in Istanbul bazaars, you should be able to find beautiful bags, accessories and cheap key cords that are only valued at 1 TL.

Save money on eating

Cheap and delicious Turkish food can be found in abundance in Istanbul, look for Bouffs, which is the corner shop where you can find doner (similar to kebab), soup and toast (sandwiches).

If you are comfortable with sharing food, you can save some money by doing so. Better yet, you have to be able to afford some fancy meals in a beautiful restaurant without breaking your budget!

Enjoy inexpensive sports adventures

Many believe that Turkey is a place of culture and history or as a cheap place to relax on the beach for a week or two, but traveling to Turkey is also the premier destination for adventure sports of all kinds such as diving in the Mediterranean, and the beautiful thing is that the prices are equivalent to about half of what you paid in southern Europe Or on the Caribbean islands.

The area around Kas is particularly popular for week-long trips, as different activities are planned every day. There are excellent excursions, kayaking, mountain biking and paragliding, all at affordable prices.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is important in medical emergencies and it must be available, but in simple cases there is no need to use it, and instead it is advised to go to a local hospital, and in Turkey many of them are available in the neighborhoods and there are doctors and frameworks with high efficiency and most importantly, the cost is low and will attend The service you need.

Avoid bank charges

Before traveling to Turkey do not forget to communicate with the bank of your credit card, and this is due to the fact that some banks impose some fees on withdrawing money from ATMs outside the country.

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