Natural and geographical diversity, mixed with a rich history charged with the secrets of mankind, makes Turkey, which is the crossroads of civilizations between East and West, a destination for international tourism.

Tourism in Turkey from the stunning landscapes, archaeological sites and the secrets of geography to the the scent of the nature, the variety of tourist destinations in Turkey, offers local and foreign tourists, a bouquet of the most beautiful places in the world.

Natural and geographical diversity, mixed with a rich history charged with the secrets of mankind, makes Turkey, which is the crossroads of civilizations between East and West, a kiss for international tourism.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the first third of 2019, the number of foreign tourists to the country reached 8 million, 735 thousand and 268.

A figure that includes an increase of 12 percent over the previous year, which recorded in the first three months the influx of 7 million and 783 thousand and 967 foreign tourists, more than 40 percent of them visited Istanbul alone.


Top 10 destinations for tourism in Turkey

Below, Grandoria reviews the top 10 destinations for local and international tourism throughout Turkey.

1. Istanbul

Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Turkey in terms of population density and the importance and in terms of cultural influence and the economic role of the country as well,. Tourism in Istanbul is the best choice for someone when travel to Turkey no matter when. of course, it is classified among the most attractive tourist cities in the world.

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It is the most important tourist destinationin Turkey, and it attracts 40 percent of foreign tourists, and it has many advantages, it is the crossroads of civilizations, cultures and religions, and the Bosphorus Strait separates the city into an Asian and European halves, and the city's ruins are well known, and it is the city that no visitor to Turkey can pass through. You can also check Istanbul city tours in here.

2. Trabzon

The city of Trabzon is located in the Turkish north, where Trabzon overlooks the Black Sea, surrounded by many important highlands, and the most famous lakes in Turkey are Lake Uzungol, and the city has multiple beautiful views that wear green in summer and white in winter, for this tourism in Trabzon is not only historical tourism, Rather, sports, climbing, hiking and others like it.

It is witnessing a large number of arab tourists, and therefore it is called Arab lover, and it is famous for its wonderful tourist attractions and charming nature, as it is known to buy real estate in it, especially by Gulf tourists, especially the Saudis.

3. Bursa and Uludag Mountain

Among the favorite destinations of the tourists, especially the city of Bursa, because it contains many tourist potentials, and it includes the Uludag Mountain, The cold, and a cable car that reaches the top of the mountain, in addition to archeological sites such as the Green Mosque, and Turkish baths.
Bursa is characterized by a mild climate in the summer, and therefore it is considered a haven for many tourists.

Tourism in Turkey in Bursa city or as it is called the green Bursa, the great city "Ulusehir", the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the last rest of its founder Osman Ghazi, one of the tourist cities in Turkey, the owner of the longest cable car in the world.

Bursa is characterized by diversity, as it overlooks the North on the Sea of Marmara, while on the South, the Uludag Mountain rises to reach the highest summit in the Marmara Region, and it reaches a height of 23,499 meters above sea level.

4. Mineral water in Yalova

In Yalova state, there is a lot of mineral water and the resorts that spread around it, as it constitutes medical tourism for visitors and hospital seekers.
Close to Istanbul, and transportation to it takes place across the sea, so its visitor combines cruise, medical tourism, as well as its green forests, and its swimming beaches.

5. Sapanca lake

Tourism in Turkey in village of Sapanca, in the state of Sakarya, is a popular place for tourists, because of the beauty of its nature represented by the lake, which is considered one of the largest natural lakes.
Added to that is the summit of Mount Kartbeh, which provides a wonderful view of the city and the lake, and in winter is an ideal destination for snow and ski lovers, being close to Istanbul.

6. Tourism in Antalya

tourizm in antalya

Moreover, located along the beautiful Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is a large, vibrant city that welcomes tourists with its many resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants. Perhaps the stunning scenery of the city with its magnificent beaches and lush green mountains dotted with ancient ruins, makes tourizm Antalya an unforgettable experience.

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Antalya is a beautiful city and it is ideal for visiting all year round, as many tourists visit it between mid-April and early September to enjoy the beautiful summer among outdoor entertainment, and some are keen to visit in the winter to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, although you may not be able to Spend some time swimming in there during this season of the year, however you can spend time visiting many museums in Antalya with sightseeing and shopping among the most beautiful shops. You can also check Antalya city tours in here.

7. Fethiye and Marmaris

Among the most beautiful spots at the convergence of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, it has a bay called the Dead Sea, green mountains overlooking it. Its natural beauty and the purity of its water made it before skydiving and diving into the depths of the sea, and the resorts distinguished by its services, and attract tourists from different countries of the world.

The both cities provide the best experience for tourism in Turkey because it combines many factors from their ntural landscapes to historical attractions and magical beaches.

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8. Tourism in Turkey Bodrum

The bride of Mugla, on the Aegean Sea .. Bodrum is a global tourist destination, which is popular with Turkey and the world, with beautiful sandy beaches and very luxurious resorts.
It is also an important station for the world's business and wealthy yachts, and an important station for global celebrities, artists and political leaders, and it organizes flights directly to it.

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9. Cappadocia

Located in the state of Nevşehir, in central Anatolia, it is characterized by the city carved in the rocky mountains, and it was a place for the establishment of a Christian community centuries ago.
And creativity by carving the city into the rocks attracts tourists on the one hand, and the balloon rides are attractive to those coming to the area, and seeing these monuments from high areas.

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10. Pamukkale

The Turkish city of Pamukkale is one of the most famous destination for tourism in Turkey, where you find it mentioned in all tourist publications and you find everyone there advises you to visit it once you arrive in Turkey.

pamukkale tourism

Pamukkale is located 19 km north of Denizli in southwestern Turkey. It is characterized by the presence of the most famous group of natural hot springs that originate from the ground and contain large amounts of calcium that were deposited on the surface of the earth to make a group of white and tall rock formations, which makes it more like ice and has become It is the reason why Pamukkale is called by that name and it means "Cotton Castle".

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This is in addition to the spread of a myth that says hot spring water is sacred and has great healing powers. All these reasons have made Pamukkale one of the most amazing places to see in the world. That is why we offer you the most important sights in the charming city of Pamukkale.



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