If you are looking for a quiet calm and reassuring atmosphere during tourism in Istanbul, then you are welcome in our Princess Islands tours, one of the most beautiful and convenient places in Istanbul and ideal for carrying out this task, where the countryside life, its streets, simple traditional houses and breathtaking serenity.

Istanbul princess islands are group of archipelago of 9 small islands overlooking the Sea of Marmara and surrounded by pine forests, of which only 4 allow public visits, which are Buyukada, Burgazada, Hebilliada, and Kinaliada, where you can enjoy silence, tranquility and a pure atmosphere away from any congestion or pollution and noise, in these quiet islands Only slight voices of traditional means of transportation are heard between them. You will only hear slight voices of horse hooves and bicycle bells, congratulations to you.

Tourism in princess islands

istanbul princess islands tour

Istanbul Princess Islands are considered the first tourist destination in Istanbul for tourists from all over the world, specifically during the summer season, and trips to it are on a daily basis, so trips start on Tuesday and Sunday from eleven in the morning until eight thirty in the evening, and for return trips start in the morning Half past seven until half past seven in the evening.

How to go to istanbul princess islands?

The tourist can reach the princess island through many small ports located in Istanbul such as the port of Kabatash, in addition to the ability to move between the big islands by sea buses, but there are many problems that the visitor faces when traveling to it in the winter, such as the difficulty of transporting through ports and sea buses In the winter because of the freezing cold.

Princess Island restaurants and eating places

Meatlo Restaurant

It is a restaurant overlooking the sea, and it serves distinctive and delicious types of seafood, grilled, and cold drinks.

Luna Park Restaurant:

This restaurant is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants on the island, overlooking the sea, and it is distinguished for its large and spacious garden.

Cochem Restaurant

It is one of the very famous popular restaurants on the island, it offers delicious meat and starters, and Turkish popular sweets such as Kemal Pasha ornaments.

Milano Restaurant

Milano Restaurant is one of the most beautiful and luxurious restaurants, as it offers all varieties and types of delicious food, and famous and traditional Turkish sweets.

What kind of activities can be done at princess island

There are a lot of group or individual activities that you may have at istanbul princess islands and here we list the most preferred ones:

- There are horse-drawn carriages in the Princess Islands that can be rented from the central square, where tourists can wander around the island and enjoy sightseeing.

- There are bicycles available for rent, including two seats, where the bike can be driven by two people.

- There are more than one beach in the princesses for swimming, and the most famous of them is Naki Bay Beach.
- The presence of many distinctive restaurants, you can have a delicious meal in the charming atmosphere surrounding the place.
- There are also many shops selling souvenirs.

Princess Islands Tour review and prices

Despite the priceless pleasure that you will get on your trip to Princess Island, the price is on average, per person is $ 50 and children are $ 25 from the age of 3 to 7 years, this is for one of the best daily tourist tours in Istanbul.

However you can check the prices and full day tour details at Istanbul Princess Islands Tour

istanbul princess islands

The journey starts from eight in the morning and continues until five in the evening and includes transferring from and to the hotel after the trip, riding a cabriolet and a tour to the place using a yacht.
Perhaps the history that sits inside these islands is one of the most important things that makes you feel the greatness of the place without even having a guide or a tourist guide. In one of the ages, this chain of princess islands was a place to ban the revolutionaries, politicians and the royal family.
Despite the dark past of the place, these islands have become unique. It is now the perfect destination when you get bored of noise and congestion in Istanbul.

Tourists are satisfied with the calm and tranquility of the islands, in such a way that they are shocked by the horns of cars they left behind in the morning upon their return to the city. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of a istanbul princess island tour from the city:
One of the best things about princess island tour is the sound of silence. All types of motor vehicles are prohibited on the island, which makes calm and peace prevail in the full sense of the word. All that will reach your ears are bicycle bells and horse hound.
We'll enjoy wandering through the narrow island alleys, surrounded by pine forests or Victorian era homes.
We will satisfy your appetite and mood together by serving lunch in the boat while you enjoy the beauty of the island at its best. Will be
Providing a varied buffet so you can taste many dishes at the same time.
A visit to "Buyuk Ada" Island is an absolute necessity from the point of view of tourists. We will take you to this island - the largest of the islands of Istanbul - and you will notice its warm welcome to us which is its pleasant atmosphere, the Grand Bazaar, and the famous fish restaurants.

Where does the name come from?

The name of istanbul princess island dates back to the Byzantine era, as it was considered an exile for princesses and princes alike. The group of princesses is made up of nine main islands with a total area of ​​approximately sixteen square kilometers, where the areas differ from one island to another island, while the population The island reaches approximately fifteen thousand people in the winter, while it reaches nearly eighty thousand in the summer, and this difference stems from the fact that a large number of rich Turkish people prefer to spend their vacation in this region, where the islands of the princesses are characterized by their calmness and the beauty of their nature, knowing Only five islands are inhabited by minting That.

Another explanation for naming princesses islands:

The islands are where the princes of the Alevi family in the Middle Ages were exiled , and most of the people who own palaces and homes there now are Jews and the meaning of the word Buyuk Ada in Turkish The (Big Island)

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