Grandoria Tourism which stands out with its high quality service and customer satisfaction in the first place is one of the leading Corporate Travel Agencies in Turkey when it comes to corporate tourism services.

With its specialized staff in the tourism sector, Grandoria Tourism provides all kinds of necessary support considering travel, flight tickets, domestic and international hotel reservations, transfer and car rentals, meeting and event organizations, guided tour programs and therefore, offers all services from welcoming passengers until boarding the plane.

Moreover, Grandoria Tourism does its best to provide professional 24/7 support for every need or each requirement you may encounter during your travel. Thus, no matter whether you are an individual or a corporate company, we reduce your cost and save you time to make sure you had such a great experience.

Domestic Hotels

Grandoria guarantees the best prices fro hotel booking in all Turkey regions considering more than 1600 deals. Our experienced staff does know from which side the bread is buttered. Thus, we do not trade-ff between quality of service QoS and the prices to make sure you get the deal that consider both.

All our recommendations are for hotels that are close to public transportation, historical/tourist attractions, landmarks and impressive locations.

Grandoria tourism offers you the most suitable solutions from preparing your hotel plan for your corporate travels and examining it to the finest details. Grandoria will issue your hotel entrance document and provide you with detailed information about the hotel and the location around in addition to providing all the assists you need.

International Hotels

With more than 150,000 hotel deals worldwide, you can make your booking easily and quickly through a single agency at Grandoria Tourism.

Flight Tickets

There are two ways to get tickets for your next corporate travel. First, Open your browser, do research for the flight booking, get more than six billion results. Spend hours to compare the deals and finally you may buy one that is not what we call it -The Best Deal- at all.

Second, Contact Grandoria Tourism. Our Corporate Travel Management Sector will guarantee you the best deal since it has contracts with more than 500 flexible flights deals across all airlines.

Transfer and Car Rental

Grandoria is the perfect option when it comes to one-step reservations for airport transfers and all your transportation needs to every location you have planned to travel.

We pick you up from the airport providing you extra comfort and relaxation ride with our cars that bring the features of both high security and quality standards. Grandoria gives you access to any point you want to go without wasting a second you have.

Meetings and Events Organization

Do not take your decision here without meeting with our Expert Consultant Staff at Grandoria. We offer a safe and easy-to-manage model for your Corporate Events with the most appropriate alternatives considering your company organizations.

We are more than just a meeting planning agency. Moreover, we are a dependable and creative partner in the management of events and meetings for your next corporate travel.


Do not waste time with visa applications. Let all the the visa processes be done with our agency in a timely and accurate manner. We follow up your status and provide the necessary support until your visa procedures are completed.

Tour Programs

Turkey, with spectacular views and a rich historical heritage is one of the world's leading tourism country. Everything related to tourism sector is at the hand of Grandoria. With most popular vacation destinations, beautiful coastlines, spectacular icons, exciting events, cultural festivals and travel advice, Grandoria can handle both the individual and corporate guided tour programs throughout all seasons.

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