Bodrum Castle tour

Bodrum Castle is located in southwestern Turkey, in the coastal city of Bodrum.  Its construction has started since the beginning of the 15th century AD. The castle occupies an important place among the tourist attractions of Turkey due to its location, which has a long history since nearly a thousand years BC.

Bodrum Castle construction began in the 15th century in 1402 during the medieval Crusades by the Knights of Rhodes, the castle of Bodrum overlooks the city port.

The castle has been used for various purposes over the years, such as a military base during the Greek Revolution in 1824 CE, a church and a mosque. The castle was converted into a prison in the late 19th century AD, and it is currently used as an archeological building that houses several archeological exhibitions distributed throughout it. It also includes Bodrum Museum of Maritime Archeology

The first attraction for Bodrum tourism attractions is the famous Bodrum Castle, which overlooks the Bodrum International Port. This castle was built by the Knights of Rhodes or the knights of St. John in the 15th century, during the Crusades of the Middle Ages in 1402 AD, so it is also called "the castle of St. Peter or Petronium".

There are many uses of this archaeological castle, then it is used as a church, then it turns into a mosque when the Ottoman Empire seizes it for 400 years, after which it becomes empty, until the castle became an important archaeological museum, and it includes the Museum of Maritime Antiquities, and in 2016 Bodrum Castle was included in the list UNESCO World Heritage sites in Turkey.

Bodrum Castle has a high tower that provides a charming view of the extended beaches and the surrounding areas with its stunning scenery, especially in the evening period at sunset and the fresh air is blowing away from the high sun.

bodrum castle

Things to do in Bodrum Castle tour

Many activities you can enjoy in Bodrum Castle, including:

Walk around the castle

Walk around the castle You can start strolling around the castle, take some memorial photos in its gardens, which include some rare plants and trees such as the lilac and willow, and enjoy the scenic views that contain the heritage and civilization that this castle has gone through.

Bodrum Castle Gardens

After that you can walk around the castle halls and rooms, and see its interior design, and you can take some pictures of the colorful windows in its English tower.

English tower in Bodrum Castle

The castle balconies include some World War I cannons, and they will give you a great opportunity to take some panoramic pictures of the city's port.

Bodrum Castle Balconies

And don't forget to wander through the numerous galleries of the castle, which include ceramic and pottery artifacts and some coins dating back to several ages.

Bodrum Castle Monuments

One of the important places on the Bodrum Castle tour is the visit of rooms exclusively dedicated to displaying the tomb and jewelry of Princess Karyan, who died between 360 and 325 BC.

Karyan Princess Tomb Hall in Bodrum Castle

You can also visit the halls of the Bodrum Museum of Maritime Archeology, which is housed in the castle, which includes several relics and figures of ships discovered in the Aegean Sea.

You must visit the castle once you set your foot on the land of Bodrum, as it was 40 years ago in ruins, but today it has been completely renovated to proudly stand in the middle of Bodrum Bay, and its amazing location allows you, dear traveler, to enjoy a wonderful view of an unbeatable array of wonderful views To the surrounding area.

In the followimg article, you can find the most places and attractions related to tourism in bodrum from beaches to historical landmarks and all other acitivities you can have in the city.

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