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1. Duden Waterfalls

Duden Waterfalls

Antalya waterfalls are characterized by being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey, which makes them one of the most beautiful natural attractions to attract tourism in Antalya and Turkey as a whole.

In Dudin Falls, which is 15 meters high, you can enjoy the beauty of natural rock and limestone formations, nearby lush gardens, waterfall, and hot springs flowing into the river, where you can take a wonderful boat tour while visiting the caves that reveal the beauty of the Dudin Waterfall.

2. Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium

One of the most popular, exciting, and fun tourism destinations in Antalya, the place in the city center is not far from Konyaalti Beach, it is one of the largest water parks in the world, with its fish ponds and tropical reptiles attracted from around the world up to 40 basins, with a water tunnel that is The world's longest of its kind reaches approximately 131m and has more.

And after you finish your multi and exciting tours between the park basins, and take the most wonderful pictures, and you see some multi-dimensional documentaries around it, you should visit the snow house to reflect on the balls and the snow sculptures that the place contains and even create it like yourself, so it is one of the ideal places recommended to visit in Antalya in the winter.

3. The old port in Antalya

The old port in Antalya

The old port of Antalya played an important strategic role in the outgoing and incoming global trade movement to the ancient coastal city during the period from the second to the twentieth century.

The old port area of ​​Antalya includes a series of the finest modern restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea coast, boutiques and luxury shopping malls, marina yachts where you can win a fun and exciting sea cruise, or just take a magical sea view while eating your favorite food or drink from a nearby location.

4. Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park

One of the best tourist sites in Antalya and most ideal for family picnics all the time and throughout the year, thanks to its trees and vast green spaces that extend along its length, providing a picturesque natural landscape and abundant shade during the hot summer day, with walking and hiking trails amid these picturesque views available even during the night hours, and sessions Quiet, relaxing and relaxing in the embrace of virgin nature.

And for those who love to visit archaeological sites and photography enthusiasts, they can achieve their goals in the most famous garden in Antalya, by visiting the Roman castle of Hidirilik overlooking the old port of Antalya, where they can enjoy a magical coastal panoramic view of the beautiful city from the top of the tall fortress that reaches about 14 meters high.

5. Karain Cave

Karain Cave

Tourism in Antalya gives series of caves and not a single cave, it is one of the most beautiful places in Antalya recommended to visit when traveling for tourism in Antalya, where the scenic mountainous nature guaranteed by the location of the caves on the foothills of the Dossemalt mountains, with a look at the wonderful human fossils of the Stone Age man, most of which are available in the Museum The small site, some of which are in the National Archaeological Museum.

Dear tourist, you can also enjoy visiting the northern hot springs and kayaking in the nearby Duden River as mentioned above.

6. Karst Springs in Antalya

Karst Springs in Antalya

As we pointed out during the article, the Antalya falls are the most beautiful and most famous at the level of the Turkish border thanks to its ancient history that dates back almost two million years from the age of the earth, with the famous accompanying fountains of karst and limestone deposits that were credited with forming a group of natural archaeological sites Without human intervention you find many of them in northwestern Antalya such as Pamukkale balconies, top, and bottom Duden waterfalls, Penarbasi and Kerkuzu sediments, Karen cave.

7. köprülü Kanyon

köprülü kanyon.jpg

One of the most beautiful natural attractions that you can visit during tourism in Antalya, the valley that extends for a distance of 14 km with an area of 366 square kilometers and a depth of 400 meters, has been designated by the Turkish government as a national park that now attracts thousands of tourists who planned to travel to Antalya for walks, thanks to It includes scenic landscapes such as the forest path, flowing waterfalls in the Copper River, varieties of plants and wild animals, and delicious river fish.

In addition to some monuments such as the Roman Bridge and Bogrum Bridge. Also you can see Antalya tours from this link

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