Marmaris Beaches and City Tours

Marmaris beach tour can be considered one of the most important tours in Marmaris and in Turkey as it is a paradise of the Mediterranean Sea, and it also has a major center for yachting tourism, where you can move easily on amazing trips to discover the most beautiful areas nearby, which makes this wonderful city a distinct destination for all types of tourists .

Marmaris Beaches and Tours, a beautiful beaches adorned with trees and flowering plants, is famous for its soft golden sands. And many other activities 

Marmaris provides great opportunities for those looking to spend a special holiday through its luxurious hotels, amazing apartments of Marmaris, restaurants and shopping centers, and that beautiful city meets all options and tastes, between those looking for relaxation or adventure, where there are many beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful bays in and around Marmaris, Where daily boat trips are organized for isolated bays and Dalian. Yacht Marina is one of the largest moorings in Turkey, and regular ferry services are provided to the Greek island of Rhodes. The beaches offer many water sports activities in addition to the nearby water park, which provides affordable entertainment for all ages.

Marmaris is one of the most beautiful tourist cities of Turkey located on the Mediterranean coast, as it is one of the most attractive Turkish cities for tourists of various nationalities, due to the multiplicity of recreational activities and attractions in Marmaris in addition to its charming beaches, where Marmaris has more than 8 miles stretching from Beaches and golden sands.

Things to do on Marmaris Beach Tour

tourism in marmaris

Marmaris Beaches or Marmaris Urban Beach is divided into several other small beaches, and is one of the most important and most beautiful beaches of Marmaris at all, and the number of activities that are suitable for exercising within this beach is very large, in addition to the activities that are held throughout the year.

Marmaris offers a lot of enjoyable activities to do, ranging from enjoying beaches and water parks, night clubs, daily boat trips to Dalian, as well as enjoying off-road four-wheel drive and participating in daily boat trips to nearby caves, along with what it provides The city has opportunities to enjoy water sports, cycling, participating in tours, and eating out at Marmaris quality restaurants.

We introduce you to the most important other activities in Marmaris tours:

  • There will be nothing better than having a good time swimming in the clear blue waters of Marmaris Beaches. Along the beach, all swimming equipment that you or your children may need is available.

  • Marmaris Beach Golden Sands pushes you to have a wonderful sand bath in the warm sun. You can also have fun painting in the sand.

  • There are many amazing beaches in marmaris like Içmeler, Uzunyali and Kumlubuk beaches, not to mention tours in the sea by ships where you can discover islands and some historical places all the day beside some swimming points during the tour. 

  • If you want to know the secrets of the Mediterranean seabed, distinct marine creatures, and coral reefs, then you should go on an underwater diving trip with the help of one of the beach coaches.

  • If you like action sports such as windsurfing or speedboat rental, Marmaris Beach provides you with tools to help you practice this sport.

  • There is nothing more beautiful than going on a fun cruise on a boat, observing the sunset scenery on the seaside, and if you are a professional you can enjoy fishing during this special cruise.

Marmaris Beach Hotels - Marmaris

Julian Hotel Marmaris is one of the best 4-star hotels in Marmaris, just a 2-minute walk from the beach.

Best times to go on Marmaris tours

Marmaris has a typical Aegean and Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and rainy winters. The hottest months are July and August, and spring and summer are the best to enjoy Marmaris tour away from the huge tourist crowds.

In the following link, you can find and explore the most preferred Marmaris tours and trips in the city which include all sides of tourism from beaches to historicla places and other acitivities like jeep and horse safari.

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