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Why choose an Antalya city tour? The city of Antalya is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Turkey and is characterized by coastal cliffs surrounded by green mountains. The city has been transformed into a large resort targeting visitors from all parts of the world for its beauty and charm. Beaches, resorts, and natural baths are spread on the city's coasts, and the Republic Square forms the heart of and around the old neighborhood in it. Mosques, churches, and religious schools are united as if they tell the story of the coexistence of the heavenly religions in Turkey.

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What is the advantage of Antalya city tour?

Antalya is a resort city located on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Antalya hotels are home to the old harbor full of crowded yachts and a number of bars, restaurants, and cafes scattered between historical sites, providing access not only to a busy city center but also a peaceful gateway to the Turkish Turquoise Coast and many different places to stay.

It is a wonderful tourist tour whether it is a family vacation with consideration of the beaches and water parks in mind or a romantic week in the Turkish sunshine - Antalya is one of the fastest-growing cities in Turkey with a large group of hotels to match it. You will also find that many hotels are undergoing renewal as tourism continues to grow in the area, so hunt.

Antalya city tours - Antalya is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, where the tourist finds everything they request, as it contains many tourist activities and attractions. However you can always check our most preferred Antalya tours and trips and you can also book online at the time you want, our agency will take care of everything.

The best places for an Antalya city tour

The city tour of Antalya contains many charming places that should be visited and includes some of these areas as follows:

The old city of Antalya

It is located in the heart of the city and enjoys a historical charm that attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy the flavor of ancient Iraq and is a beautiful place for walking and wandering in its streets full of pebbles and narrow alleys. The city is surrounded by a wall of large stones, which leaves an authentic architectural fingerprint famous for Turkey and its tourist attractions What is worth seeing is Hadrian's Gate, the broken minaret clock tower, in addition to mosques, churches, bathrooms, wooden houses, souvenir shops, and other sweets and spices.

Have lunch

Among the most famous restaurants in the old town in Antalya, Vanilla Restaurant The restaurant offers a variety of Turkish and international dishes, especially Italian cuisine, in addition to a Turkish bakery.

The cable car ride to “Konyaalti”

One of the fun things about an Antalya city tour is the availability of cable car rides and the enjoyment of a set of beautiful panoramic views. There are many other recreational means such as skiing and paragliding.

See the Dodan Falls (düden şelalesi)

You can enjoy watching the waterfalls by riding in ships or by walking on the corridor for visitors near the waterfall, it is an enjoyable experience.

duden waterfalls in antalya

Weather in Antalya during tourism seasons

The Taurus Mountains protect the city of Antalya from the cold northern winds. Its climate is hot in summer and warm rainy in winter. Temperatures in Antalya range from 15 to 28 degrees.

The best time to visit is spring and summer. Let's take a tour of the city of Antalya to get to know the most beautiful tourist places in it.

Hotels in Antalya

There is a huge group of the best hotels in Antalya, which are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey.

You will find that many hotels in Antalya face one of the largest withdrawals in the region:

Blue and warm green of the Mediterranean. Apart from a number of beautiful beaches, rocky outcrops, and bays, which are enough to entertain most vacationers, you will also find that Antalya and the surrounding areas have a rich heritage. Many empires left the ruins creating a tangible feeling from ancient times. Certainly one of the most impressive sights is the Dodan Falls (düden şelalesi). The endpoint of the Dodan River, where you climb more than 100 feet in the Mediterranean.

Finally, you may want to read and discover our full tourism in Antalya guide.

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