Tourism in Turkey reached $ 34.5 billion revenue during the past year 2019, an increase of 17 percent over the previous year.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, the average spending per person was $ 666 in 2019, up from $ 647 last year.

The data indicated that this year, while foreign visitors came mostly to Turkey for travel, entertainment and sports activities by 73.6 percent, Turkish citizens residing abroad mostly came to "visit relatives and friends by 61.7 percent."

The total number of visitors came for tourism in Turkey during the same period increased to 51.9 million, an increase of 13.7 percent over the previous year.

The data showed that 86.2% of the visitors were foreign citizens and the remaining 13.8% were Turks residing abroad.

Istanbul was the top destination with nearly 15 million tourists, accounting for 33 percent of all foreign visitors in 2019. The Mediterranean city of Antalya followed with 14.65.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Tourism in Turkey

The Turks describe tourism as a smoke-free industry, as it gives a significant return to Turkish national income that parallels and sometimes exceeds the industrial returns in the country, but tourism in Turkey is a clean industry that does not have health damages in it.

Also, the increase in the number of tourists in Turkey, according to the plan, leads to great progress on several levels, the most famous of which are:

Increase Turkish national income

Exporting Turkey's economic and social experiences on more than one level

Increase job opportunities in the tourism sector in Turkey

Developing unconventional patterns of tourism in Turkey and trying out more encouraging policies

Taking advantage of the faltering tourism in the Middle East due to the wars and security conditions in several Middle Eastern countries

Take advantage of the faltering Arab and Islamic tourism to America due to the actions and decisions taken by the US government against Arabs and Muslims.

In the next paragraph, we will discuss what Turkey earns in terms of increasing Turkish national income.

Nationalities of foreign tourists in Turkey

Foreign tourists from almost every country in the world visit Turkey, and it is not surprising that Turkey mediates the three most important continents in the world "Europe, Asia and Africa" ​​and has good relations from dozens of countries. It is also a gateway to eastern countries to Europe and a gateway to western countries to the east.

The Russians are ranked first as the largest proportion of tourists from a foreign country to Turkey, where the number of Russian tourists during the first seven months of 2019 reached about one million

In the second place, the Germans came to an average of 868 thousand tourists during the mentioned period

In third place came the British with an average of 425 thousand tourists

Also, tourists from Arab countries represent a good percentage, as the proportion of tourists from Arab countries to Turkey is about 18% of the total number of foreign visitors for tourism to Turkey.

Elements of tourism in Turkey

  • The distinguished geographical location of the world continents
  • Cultural and heritage diversity in Turkey
  • Turkey's vast area
  • The right climate for holidays and recreational trips
  • Historical link with neighboring countries
  • Religious motives that make Arabs and Muslims prefer Turkey over the rest of the European countries 4
  • Turkey's interest in the tourism sector
  • The vast job and investment opportunities in Turkey that pay foreigners to visit them to get a closer look at these opportunities
  • Real estate prices in Turkey, which is competitive with real estate in Europe, which bear the same advantages and exceed them
  • Diversified beaches with international rankings, especially in Antalya, which is the tourism capital of Turkey
  • The presence of natural and hot springs suitable for patients.
  • The presence of the potentials of medical tourism in Turkey and the great government interest in the medical tourism sector
  • Granting tourist residency permits to foreigners in Turkey
  • The variety of tourism seasons in Turkey, so tourists can find their favorite city in any season of the year.
  • The campaigns carried out by Turkey to promote tourism, either directly or indirectly, especially in the Turkish series that invaded the Arab screens and informed the Arabs of the Turkish climate and the nature of this charming country.
  • Famous Turkish markets and commercial malls that foreigners from all over the world visit.

Bosphorus Bridge

These factors are just the tip of the overflow of tourism in Turkey and one of the main drivers that increased the growth of the tourism sector in Turkey in 2019, and they are the same elements that Turkey is counting on in its tourism plans in the coming years, and we will in the Al Fanar periodically and regularly to inform you of the latest information Of interest to tourists and those looking for tourist residency in Turkey or other types of residency in Turkey, and are ready through our branches in Istanbul to provide the best accommodation and health insurance services for Arabs and foreigners in Turkey.

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